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"In him we have set our hope that he will continue to  deliver us, as you help us by your prayers. Then many  will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answer to the prayers of many."

-- 2 Corinthians 1:10b-11

WE BELIEVE IT IS an unnecessary paradox that many intercessors receive their "prayer assignments" by revelation while many people greatly in need of prayer have no personal acquaintance with seasoned intercessors.  Advocates in Prayer aims to connect intercessors with prayer needs by maintaining a listing of Advocates intercessors and providing them with prayer requests sent in through this website.  To learn more about how to become an Advocates Intercessor, check out the following articles:

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2 Corinthians 1:11


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If you've joined the Intercessors' Circle, let me encourage you to acquaint yourself with our Intercessors' Corner.  If you choose to fill out the brief questionnaire there, we will write a short article about you to post with the other intercessors' profiles.  This way, our prayer partners can get to know each other, fellowship with one another, and share insights and testimonies of answered prayer with each other.  This link is designed to be our meeting place.

How To Know If You're an Intercessor

An intercessor is one who "stands in the gap" between God and humankind.  Ultimately, Jesus is the Intercessor between God and humankind as His atoning sacrifice has provided the way for sinful, fallen humanity to be reconciled to God.  As the risen Lord, He is ascended to God's right hand where He ministers as our High Priest continually interceding for us before God.

As followers of Jesus, we are called to be a "royal priesthood," which means that we are to intercede for each other and for those who have not yet become followers of Jesus.  We intercede for others through prayer that appeals to the atonement of Christ, stands upon the promises of God's Word, resists the Enemy's strategies to oppose God's will, and receives the grace of God for those we are praying for.

While all Christians are to pray for others, we agree with Peter Wagner that some Christians are specially gifted by God as intercessors.  Wagner states:

The gift of intercession is the special ability that God gives to certain members of the Body of Christ to pray for extended periods of time on a regular basis and see frequent and specific answers to their prayers to a degree much greater than that which is expected of the average Christian.  ("How to Have a Prayer Ministry:  A Video and Audio Self-Study Kit," 1990: Tape 3)

How can you know if you're an intercessor?  Wagner gives the following checklist:

  • You pray for longer periods of time than the average Christian does.

  • You pray with more intensity and fervor than many other believers do.

  • You enjoy prayer and get a great deal of personal satisfaction from it.

  • You see answers to your prayers more frequently and in more dramatic ways than many other believers do. 

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How AIP Links Intercessors with Prayer Needs

Advocates in Prayer serves the Body of Christ in an administrative role by linking intercessors with prayer needs.  As our mission statement indicates, we aim to:

  • Enlist prayer partners into our Intercessors' Circle.

  • Covenant with prayer partners to work together to fulfill the mission of Advocates in Prayer.

  • Invite prayer requests via email from those visiting this website.

  • Email prayer requests that come in to Advocates in Prayer intercessors.

  • Assist intercessors in providing timely prayer and follow-up with those they pray for.

Advocates in Prayer, in fulfilling its administrative service to the Body of Christ, will maintain a database of Advocates intercessors and of prayer requests emailed to us through this website.  We will then email prayer requests to prayer partners who have chosen to join our Intercessors' Circle.  The intercessor receiving the prayer request will intercede for the need stated in the request and will follow up by email with the person who sent in the request.  As answers to prayer become apparent, the intercessor will encourage the person receiving prayer to email the answer to prayer back to Advocates in Prayer.

We will provide for security concerns by assuring that the response forms on this website allow those sending in prayer requests to give or withhold permission to route their prayer requests to our prayer partners.  Furthermore, only first names will be elicited on these forms so that sensitive prayer requests are not routed to intercessors with full disclosure of names.

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Advocates in Prayer Intercessors' Covenant

If you would like to be a Advocates in Prayer intercessor, we welcome you to covenant with us as members of God's Royal Priesthood seeking to join together in upholding our brothers and sisters in Christ in prayer and interceding for the salvation of those yet to know Him.

To be a AIP Intercessor, we require that you subscribe to uphold the following duties to the best of your ability:

  • Subscribe to the Mission Statement and the Statement of Faith of Advocates in Prayer.  It is not expected that you be in agreement with every tenet of faith, but we do require that Advocates in Prayer intercessors agree that:

    • The grace of Jesus Christ is our only hope of salvation. 

    • Jesus' death at the cross provides for the forgiveness of our sins, the healing of our diseases, and freedom from every curse resulting from our transgression of God's law. 

    • Believers in Jesus have the covenant privilege of boldly approaching God's throne in prayer with the confident expectation that we will receive His grace and strength to meet our needs.

    • Prayers that are offered in Jesus' Name and that are based upon God's New Covenant promises in Scripture can be offered with the confident expectation that God will grant that which is requested in prayer. 

  • Register with us by filling out the response form above.

  • Keep us informed of any email and geographical address changes.

  • Check your email daily for any prayer needs that may have been forwarded to you.

  • Intercede for requests sent to you in as timely a manner as possible.

  • Send an email message to the person whose prayer request you received advising them that you are an Advocates in Prayer intercessor, that you received their prayer request and interceded for them, and that you would like to hear from them with praise reports or further developments.

  • Notify Advocates in Prayer via the Answers to Prayer response form on this website of any answers to prayer received by those you have been praying for in partnership with us.

If you have further questions about the Advocates In Prayer Intercessors' Circle before making a decision to partner with us, you may click here to submit your question.  If you are an Intercessor, desire to serve with us through our Intercessors' Circle, and are willing to commit to this Intercessors' Covenant, click here to join the Intercessors' Circle.  

God bless you as you serve together with us!

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