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Linking Hands in Prayer

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Our vision is . . .

 . . . To transform believers into effective intercessors partnering with God through prayer to bring redemption and change into the lives of people at home and around the world.


Our mission is . . .

 . . . To fulfill our vision by teaching biblical principles of prayer, inspiring believers with testimonies of answered prayer, motivating believers to develop a consistent prayer life, connecting committed intercessors with those in vital need of prayer, and envisioning believers to become world changers through prayer.


Our objectives are . . .

 ·         To serve churches and ministries by providing services and seminars that will educate, motivate, envision, and equip its members to become strategic and effective in prayer.  

 ·       To help churches and ministries establish an online prayer ministry that will connect praying members with needy individuals at home and around the world in a context conducive to prayer, follow-up, and evangelistic engagement.

 ·      To serve believers desiring to grow in their prayer lives by producing and providing books and tapes that will bring enrichment and enlargement to their prayer lives.

 ·       To serve God’s purposes for the larger Body of Christ by encouraging believers to enlarge their prayer lives to embrace the world’s unreached and least evangelized people groups.

 ·         To serve God’s redemptive purposes in the world through the “Advocates in Prayer” Web site -- an online forum recruiting committed intercessors and connecting them with those vitally needing prayer.

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Bio of Director



Rev. J. Mark Copeland pioneered The Sheepfold of Suffolk, Virginia as an Independent Charismatic church which he pastored from 1990 to 1992.  He has subsequently established PrayerLinks Ministries and the “Advocates in Prayer” Web site to connect intercessors with hurting people in need of prayer and encouragement.  He is the author of After This Manner, Pray (Bridge-Logos Publishing), The Prayer Watchman (Xulon Press), and presenter of the "Revitalizing Your Prayer Life" seminar. He holds the B.A. in Religion from Berea College, Berea, Kentucky and the Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California.  He is ordained as a "Minister of the Gospel" with Bearers of Light Ministries, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Books by J. Mark Copeland

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After This Manner, Pray (Revised Edition by PrayerLinks Ministries) demonstrates how to use the Lord's Prayer as Jesus intended it -- an outline for effective prayer.  Jesus’ prayer outline balances worship, submission, petition, pardon, and protection.  As you make the Lord's Prayer the basis of your daily prayer life, your prayers will be revitalized and prioritized, you will develop wholesome prayer habits, and you will find yourself praying with power for God’s kingdom agenda.  


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The Prayer Watchman (Xulon Press) emphasizes the biblical challenge to all believers to be watchful and vigilant in prayer.  As spiritual watchmen, we are to be alert to the prayer assignments God gives us and vigilant in praying through. We are to be watchmen in the garden who protect human lives from harm, watchmen in the trenches who topple enemy footholds and strongholds, and watchmen on the wall who intercede for others to find their destiny in God.  The prayer principles and testimonies contained in this book can help you discover renewed confidence and authority in your prayers and even find your destiny in God.


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Prayer Seminar

“Revitalizing Your Prayer Life” is a prayer power seminar available to churches, ministries, and Christian gatherings desiring to develop a biblical understanding of prayer and a disciplined and effective prayer life.   This teaching focuses on partnering with God through prayer to bring redemption and change to families, churches, communities, nations, and unreached people groups.  It will help believers advance in their personal prayer lives and develop in the ministry of intercession.

"Praying Through to an Open Heaven"

Seminar Outline


Session #1: 

“Probing into Prayer:  In Search of its Essence”


1.      Prayer as communication

2.      Prayer as communion

3.  Prayer as cooperation

4.  Prayer as combat


Session #2: 

“Profiles of Intercession:  Snapshots of Effective Prayer”


1.  A mover and a shaker

2.  A bold adventurer

3.  A doorway of divine visitation

4.  An advocate for others


Session #3: 

“Qualities of an Intercessor:  The Heart that Prays”


1.  An abiding heart

2.  A humble heart

3.  A thankful heart

4.  A zealous heart


Session #4: 

“Holy Spirit-Inspired Praying:  Intercessory Warfare”


1.  Inspired in prayer

2.  Enlighted in prayer

3.  Alerted in prayer

4.  Connected in prayer


Session #5: 

“Prayer Evangelism:  Moving Beyond Church Walls”


1.  Lighthouses of prayer

2.  Prayerwalking

3.  Identificational repentance

4.  Praying for unreached people groups  


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Advocates in Prayer Web Site



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Prayer Requests

Answers to Prayer

Q & A on Prayer

Intercessors’ Circle





Focusing . . .

We aim to focus the Body of Christ on the necessity of elevating the ministry of prayer to the priority that God intends.  While God is sovereign, He has chosen to work in partnership with His people.  Through prayer, we partner with God in changing the world. 


Equipping . . .

We aim to equip believers to grow in their prayer lives and to become committed, anointed, and effective intercessors.  This Web site provides instruction in prayer through teachings, questions and answers, articles, and books all focused on enriching the reader’s prayer life.


Connecting . . .

We connect committed intercessors with those needing prayer.  Those who are called and anointed in the ministry of intercession are invited to join our Intercessors’ Circle of prayer partners.  The Intercessors’ Circle currently consists of nearly 100 prayer partners across the country and around the world.  Those needing prayer send in their requests through the Web site, and these requests are emailed to our prayer partners who follow the Lord’s leading in prayer and follow-up.  We also connect intercessors with the larger Body of  Christ by listing other online prayer ministries, providing summary information about them, and linking to their Web sites.

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Ministry & Resource Endorsements

  Endorsements of Books

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“I have read other books on the Lord’s Prayer, and they have been very helpful.  However, none had the depth and theological insights which Mark Copeland’s book has.  In this book you will find a provocative combination of rationale, motivation, biblical insight, and practical application to everyday life that you will not find elsewhere. Reading this book is an enjoyable experience for spiritually-minded believers, and an avenue to a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Father.”

-- Dr. C. Peter Wagner


C. Peter Wagner on Spiritual Warfare


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"The Prayer Watchman is a tool God will use to help mobilize His people in focused and effective prayer.  It is a practical book that will help believers pray effectively for individuals, churches, and communities.  It is also a prophetic book that will play a vital role in calling and equipping intercessors to go to another level in prayer until we see revival that will transform this nation.  May God use this book as a catalyst of a prayer movement that will rock the nations!”

-- Dr. Ché H. Ahn


Che Ahn on Revival in Hollywood

Endorsement of Teachings 

"Mark Copeland was a general session speaker for our Intercessors' Prayer Seminar at Bethel Temple Assembly of God in October 2003.  We were forever changed by his profound teaching.  His message regarding the prayer watchman was instrumental in helping us implement the watchman ministry of our church."

Pastor Arneathia O. Holloway
Former Coordinator of Prayer Ministries
Bethel Temple Assembly of God
Hampton, VA

"Author/teacher Mark Copeland presented his ‘Revitalizing Your Prayer Life’ seminar for our ministry.  Mark is an excellent teacher, and his material is extraordinary.  The layout of his student manual and his highly illustrated teaching style reminds me of Bill Gothard, someone who has deposited a great deal into my life.  We plan to have Mark back again."

Rev. Peter Whitehouse
Co-Founder and President of the Board
The Capital Region Prayer and Healing Center 
Albany, New York

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Personal References

Audrey Horner and Irene Hope, Friends
Chesapeake, Virginia

Betty Rose Davis , Friend
Virginia Beach, Virginia


Professional References

Rev. Peter Whitehouse
The Capital Region Prayer and Healing Center
Albany, New York

Pastor Mark Stafford
Light of Life Christian Center
Chesapeake, Virginia

Dr. Ken Stafford
Bearers of Light Ministries, President
Chesapeake, Virginia

Pastor George Riggins, III
Southview United Methodist Church
Lynchburg, Virginia

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