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Sender:  Alan, Saskatoon SK, Canada

"If someone else's well-being depends on my prayers, this does not seem just.  On the other hand, if my prayers do not help those I pray for, why bother to pray?"

Sender:  Nicole, Northglenn, Colorado

"What is the difference between prayer and divination?"

Sender:  Jacqueline, Lawton, Oklahoma

"Why are intercessors sometimes referred to as armor bearers?  Please explain the role that they fulfill in this capacity."

Sender:  Debi, Prescott, Arizona

"If God hears my prayers when I pray alone, and answers them, why do we need to pray in groups? Please don't use the "Wherever two or more are gathered..." verse.  I need to know what's so good about group prayer.  I am asking this because my mother-in-law is having a hard time with this area and I used the "two or more verse..." and can't think of another verse or what to tell her. Thank you."

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Sender:  Arlene, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

"I just want to know more about intercession.  How do we know whether our prayers are according to God's will?  How will we know if He answers our prayers?"

Sender:  Aaron, Biloxi, Mississippi

"Why do we put our hands together and bow our heads when we pray?"

Sender:  Vincent, Loredo, Texas

"I am going through a depression and discouragement.  It seems that I do not have faith.  I have tried medication and nothings works.  I wonder if prayer will help me to beat all of this.  

When I pray, I get discouraged, and I even fear the Lord I pray to.  I want Him to deliver me, but I do not know what to do.   I feel this carving and cringing in my my lower belly.  Can prayer help me?  

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