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"Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

-- 2 Timothy 2:15

THE FOLLOWING TEACHINGS on prayer are presented in manuscript format.  We will soon be adding them in audio format as well.  Once the addition of audio is complete, you will be prompted to select the format you desire when you click on the topic of interest.    

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Series Title:

"Revitalizing Your Prayer Life"

by J. Mark Copeland
PrayerLinks Ministries, Director

Available Now:

  1. Probing Into Prayer:  In Search of its Essence

  2. The Posture of Prayer:  A Life of Abiding

  3. Humility in Prayer:  Passport to Grace

  4. Prayer of a Thankful Heart:  The Channel of Blessing

  5. Prayer Alert:  Watching in Prayer

  6. Powerful Prayer:  Demolishing Strongholds

  7. Fasting and Prayer:  Key to Breakthrough

  8. Message Outline:  Imagination and Mission

Watch For These Upcoming Additions:

  1. Lighthouses of Prayer:  Strategic Prayer Evangelism

  2. Prayerwalking:  Praying On-site with Insight

  3. PrayerReach:  Impacting the World By Prayer

  4. The Place of Prayer:  Our Tent of Meeting

  5. The Passion of Prayer:  A Zeal for God's Honor

  6. Daniel's Prayer:  A Model of Intercession

  7. Prayer Shield:  Standing in the Gap For Others


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