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THIS PAGE IS DEDICATED to testimonies of answered prayer.  Since these testimonies are intended to glorify God and encourage/instruct us in our praying, they are not limited to those who receive prayer through this website.  These testimonies will include:

  • Answers to prayer that our prayer partners have experienced in their own lives and ministries.

  • Answers to prayer that casual browsers of this website choose to submit to give honor to God and encourage others in prayer.

  • Answers to prayer for those who have submitted a prayer request to us and return to give thanks to God for His intervention.

  • Answers to prayer from any source that provide instruction or insight into how God uses His people in intercession.

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Directory of Testimonies by Contributor

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Angela Raised from deathbed
Restored family member

Healing of heart blockage
Barbara Miracle of intervention
Benetta Healing of shoulder and knee
Betty "Susan" Healing of pneumonia
Hans Michael Revival in India
Jenny Raised from coma
Healing of pregnancy
Justin Raised from vegetable state
Karen Deliverance from cocaine
Mark Healing of lung condition
Healing of tooth
Healing of appendicitis?
Melissa Provision of employment
Robbie  Loosened tongue/salvation
Robert  Raised from wheelchair
Robert "Bob" Healing of brain hemorrhage jesusscripturalrosary@catholicorg

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From Angela, Winchster, Kentucky,

Submitted 8/09/2002


Persistence in prayer is often a hallmark of relentless faith.  Angela discovered that God honors persistent prayer, and as a result her grandfather was raised from his deathbed.


Angela's grandfather was hospitalized with a heart condition, and he had to undergo a three-way bypass surgery.  He did not respond well to the surgery, and he came out of it in critical condition.  The prognosis was grim, and there was no medical hope for recovery.


When Angela received a call from her mother breaking the news of her grandfather's condition, Angela committed to prayer for her granddad.  She prayed vigilantly for three weeks, often in deep intercession.  She persisted in daily prayer until she received a call from her mother  three weeks later with good news.  Her granddad was "up and talking."  Angela's mother asked her to continue praying until her grandfather was off all medications and restored to normal kidney functioning.  


Angela persisted in prayer for total healing.  Two days later, she received another call from her mother saying that her granddad was off all medications, had been released from the Intensive Care Unit, and was in his own private room.  


The fruit of intercession is the overflow of thanksgiving and praise to God.  Angela's mother related that her granddad wanted to thank her for all her prayers.  To this day, Angela says, he has maintained his healing.  She gives praise to God for raising him from death to life.

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From Angela, Winchster, Kentucky,

Submitted 8/10/2002

Christians should be big on reconciliation.  Jesus died to reconcile us to God, restoring our relationship with Him.  God is also interested in restoring broken relationships within families.  Angela has learned from experience that God answers prayers for estranged family members, putting families back together.

Angela's cousin and his sister were forcibly taken away from her uncle as children and were put up for adoption.  Angela was disturbed by this course of action as she felt her uncle was an able father and guardian and was misrepresented.  She prayed day and night for seven years for the children's family ties with her cousin's father to be restored.

Just last year, the estranged cousin found Angela's grandparents' phone number.  He called and asked if he could visit his father.  Their relationship has now been restored and, at 18 years old, he lives with his dad and has a close relationship with him. 

Angela continues to pray for her restored cousin's sister to be reunited with the family.  She is standing in faith that the sister will be reconciled with the family by the time she turns 18 as well. 

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From Angela, Winchster, Kentucky,

Submitted 12/5/2002

The Bible says that the testing of our faith develops perseverance.  (See James 1:3.)  Angela has remained faithful to her calling to be an intercessor even when her faith has been sorely tried.  She has also done what any true intercessor will do -- she has called on her prayer partners to stand with her in her own time of testing.

On November 26, Angela sent a message to her prayer partners as well as the Advocates In Prayer ministry requesting prayer for her mother Charlotte.  After bouts of weakness and chest pains, Charlotte had gone to her doctor for a check-up.  Medical tests had revealed a blockage to the heart.  Charlotte was scheduled to be hospitalized on December 5 to have stints put in her heart in an effort to remove the blockage.  If this procedure was unsuccessful, she would be submitted to bypass surgery the same day.

Charlotte's prognosis was a real test to Angela.  Because she is so close to her mother, Angela became emotionally distressed and wondered how she would make out if anything happened to her mother.  While she committed to intercede for her mom and believe for healing, she could hear the taunts in the back of her mind by others who had tried to convince her that she is not an intercessor but that only Jesus is our faithful intercessor.  However, against her own troubled emotions and the accusations of others, Angela wrote "I am still praying and am not going to give up -- mom will live!"  She asked us to pray with her that the blood of Jesus would cover her mom, that she and her mom would experience God's peace, and that the angels of God would be dispatched to be with her mom during this time.

Prior to Charlotte's admittance to the hospital on December 5, she experienced intermittent bouts with weakness and chest pains.  She had to walk with a cane.  Two days before entering the hospital, Angela wrote that her mom was eating better and seemed to be a little stronger.  She asked for continued prayer.

Thanks to the goodness of God and concerted prayer for Charlotte, Angela emailed us with what she labeled "a happy update on my mother."  During the procedure to place stints in her heart, the doctor discovered there was no blockage!  The blockage had been there for months, but it was now gone.  Her mother was released to go home that day.  Angela wrote, "This is the most wonderful Christmas gift I could ever have.  I thank the Lord for healing my mother's heart.  Thank you, sweet Jesus!" 

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From Barbara, Shelbyville, Texas, 

Submitted 12/9/2001

A dominant prayer focus for Barbara has been prayer assignments from God -- what is often called "crisis intercession."  For instance, she found herself divinely alerted to pray for her husband on one occasion when he, unbeknownst to her, was in a situation of grave danger.  At the time, he was working out of town during the week and came home on weekends.  One Friday night, he was running late.  So, Barbara went to bed before he arrived.  She was "startled awake" when she heard him clearly call her name.  She got up and looked throughout the house for him but could not find him.  So, she fell on her knees beside the bed and prayed in tongues for him until she felt an inward peace releasing her from her prayer assignment.  

When her husband got home, he told her that he was driving over a hill when an 18 wheeler met him head on in his lane at the top of the hill.  He swerved off the road, through a ditch, through a fence, back through the fence again, and back on the road, never losing control of the car.  He said it was as if some miracle force just took over and guided the car safely through each of these obstacles and back on the road.  Barbara says, "I believe it was prayer that saved his life that night."

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From Betty "Susan," Virginia Beach, Virginia,

Submitted 12/23/2001

Susan sensed the calling to intercession when she and a friend prayed for a lady named Judy who was hospitalized.  When Judy's name came to mind, Susan felt impressed to call her.  In doing so, she found that Judy was in the hospital with pneumonia and was in the Intensive Care Unit.

Susan, accompanied by a friend, went to visit Judy.  They prayed for her quietly as she seemed to be asleep.  On a return visit the next day, Susan found Judy awake and alert.  Judy said that the doctor had not expected her to live through the night.  However, she said that as Susan and her friend prayed over her the previous night, she felt lifted from her bed as though her body were floating in the air.  From that moment, she began to get better.  She totally recovered.

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From Hans Michael, "Worms, Germany,"

Submitted 10/26/2002

Hans Michael Rix is from Worms, Germany.   He visited India in 1990 strictly as a tourist.  At that time, his lifestyle was characterized by sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll.  His visit to northern India was intended for sheer pleasure.  

During Hans stay in northern India, he attended a charismatic retreat conducted by a catholic priest.  He was so touched by the Holy Spirit at this retreat that his whole reason for being in India changed.  His quest for more of God led him first to the western part of India and then to the country of Kerala in the southern region of India.

In Kerala, Hans connected with an explosive work of God taking place at the Divine Retreat Centre Muringoor (DRCM).  The DRCM was established in 1984 by a catholic priest named Matthew Naikomparambil, widely acknowledged among believers in India as a true prophet of God.  Among other things, Naikomparambil has prophesied that the DRCM would own its own railway station and airport.  They now own a railway station, and they have their sights set on an airport that has since been constructed within a 10 minute drive of the DRCM.

The number of attendees at DRCM began with around 50.  This group was comprised of people from Kerala, and mostly the poor.  However, as God has caused the gifts of healings and miracles to flourish to the extent that divine healings are constantly taking place, more and more people have come to check out what God is doing.  Hans says that now a week's attendance at the Centre ranges from 8,000 to 10,000 on the low side and up to 14,000 to 15,000 on the high end.  

Hans sees that the supernatural moving of the Holy Spirit at DRCM is bearing great evangelistic fruit.  The percentage of non-Christians receiving healing is greater than that of Christians as God is reaching out to unbelievers to bring them to Christ.  Many who come to Christ are receiving spiritual gifts and are being used of God to preach, to pray for others, and to impart anointed counseling.  Those who have come to the Lord for salvation include Hindu priests, movie stars, a rock star, and a highly influential communist leader.  Many of these are former Hindus, and they also are being filled with the Holy Spirit and anointed to minister in the gifts of the Spirit.  They come to faith in Christ at the risk of being disowned by their families.  Also, a Hindu political party (the BJP) has been keeping a close eye on the ministry of the DRCM so that the threat of persecution is ever present.

The believers at DRCM are not a closed-in community without missionary vision.  To the contrary, about 5 catholic priests regarded as fathers of the work have mobilized lay preachers to take the ministry into China, other Asian countries, Arabic countries, European countries, the United States, and Canada.  Matthew Naikomparambil prophesied that 12 centres would be established just like that of the DRCM.  To date there are three in India, one in Germany, and one in Switzerland.  There are currently plans underway to establish centres in Rome, Italy and in the United States.    

The retreats that have emerged from the work of the DRCM seek to target every sector of society.  Hans says there is a "retreat culture" in India as many of those who have been blessed by the DRCM are establishing similar outreaches in various parts of India.  There are the "Spirit Retreats," "Growth Retreats," and "Fruit Retreats."  There are retreats for beggars, streetpeople, prisoners and ex-prisoners, the mentally handicapped, for those recovering from addictions, and for the blind.  Many of those who come to the Lord in these retreats become grateful volunteers in the work of the DRCM.  The number of active volunteers at any given time averages around 1,000.

What role has prayer played in the phenomenal ministry of the DRCM and the growing movement it has spawned?  Hans says that the retreats are bathed in prayer.  When they were started, there was prayer for the evangelistic success and expansion of the work.  A main focus of the retreats is to pray over those who attend for their particular needs.  Prayer is going up continually during the services.  Believers have found that the preaching is more powerful when covered by prayer, and prayer undergirds the ministry of physical and inner healing.

In 1996, the DRCM established Gethsemane Prayer Tower as a place where prayer is offered 24 hours per day in general intercession, for specific prayer requests, and for the services of the DRCM.  The Prayer Tower invests a full two hours per day in prayer for revival in India.  In 1997, the Calvary Prayer Group was established with the same vision.  Near the DRCM, the motherhouse of the movement, Potta, has a 24 hour prayer group.  Much of the inspiration for the emphasis on continual prayer was inspired by the work of Brother D.G.S. Dhinakaran of "Jesus Calls" ministry based out of Chennai/Madras, India.

While the Advocates In Prayer website is based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia, I have noticed that more prayer requests have come to us from India than from any other country of the world -- except the United States.  I am encouraged to see that God has allowed us to partner with what He is doing and desires to do in India.  Thank God for the DRCM and for all those He has touched there.  May the flame of their passion for Jesus ignite flames of revival around the world.

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From Jenny, York, England,

Submitted 1/1/2002

Jenny was among the first to join the Intercessors' Circle of prayer partners for this website in mid-October 2001.  At that time, she also sent in a prayer request for her husband Daniel.  He had recently suffered a heart attack and a stroke.  As often happens with serious illness, he would have bouts with memory loss and irritability.  God had previously healed Daniel of cancer, and Jenny requested our prayer support for his total recovery.

A short time after receiving Jenny's prayer request, Daniel developed a serious respiratory virus and had to be hospitalized.  He became worse, went into a coma, and was sent home to die.  Three of our prayer partners were alerted to pray for Daniel.  

Undoubtedly many prayed -- and continue to pray -- for Daniel's total recovery.  I'm sure each one could share wonderful testimony of how God has directed them in prayer.  For my part, on Christmas Eve night, I (Mark) began to wonder how Jenny must have been feeling with Daniel's life hanging in the balance.  I remember experiencing a mix of compassion and boldness as I knelt by my bed, petitioned God for healing, commanded infirmity to leave Daniel's body, and asked God to fill their house with His presence so that the season would be a joyful one for them.  I sensed God leading me to pray for a personal visitation from Jesus -- as I often do in praying for the sick.  Then, before going to bed, I sent Jenny an e-mail with an encouraging word from Romans 15:13:  "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."

On Christmas Day, Jenny's two-year-old grandson Joshua saw Jesus sitting on his granddad's bed holding his hand.  At lunch, Joshua added a prayer to the blessing thanking the Lord that Jesus was upstairs "making granddad better."  After lunch, he said he was going upstairs to talk to Jesus and granddad.  Jenny and her daughter Helen first thought that Joshua was just saying these things to be sweet, so Helen asked him if he had really seen Jesus sitting on granddad's bed.  Joshua looked at her puzzled and said, "Jesus has been there all morning, Mummy.  You are being silly!  Jesus was there when we were upstairs showing granddad my presents!"

Jenny said from the moment she woke up Christmas morning, she sensed the presence of the Lord throughout the house and felt a deep peace and incredible joy.  The next morning, her son Jason came running into the kitchen to tell her that his dad had become conscious and said he was hungry.  (This is the first time he had spoken in six weeks!)  The next day, he held her hand and said, "I love you so much, I have been far away for a long time."

My heart has welled with tears of gratitude as I've seen how God is answering prayer.  I've felt a little self-conscious about sharing my story with Jenny's, but I've felt to do so anyway to encourage those reading this to pray with compassion and with boldness for those in need.  Let's praise the Lord together with Jenny and Daniel for His touch!  And, if you're reading this, stand with us in ongoing prayer for Daniel.

(God gave Daniel back to us for a time because He loves us and wants to encourage us in our prayers and our faith.  Because of believing prayer, Jesus came and restored Daniel to his family for a time.  Their Christmas was blessed with joy and peace in believing.  Daniel experienced the greater blessing, though, on March 20, 2002 when he peacefully went home to be with the Lord.  "So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." -- 2 Corinthians 4:18)

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From Jenny, York, England,

Submitted 2/6/2002

Jenny sent in a prayer request on January 24, 2002 for her daughter Helen.  Last year, Helen had a miscarriage.  She became pregnant again shortly afterwards, but ten weeks into the pregnancy experienced pain and bleeding that threatened another miscarriage.  Jenny said that Helen longed for another child and was very emotionally upset.  

One week later on January 31, Jenny sent a follow-up prayer request saying that Helen was in the hospital and things were not looking good for the pregnancy.  She wrote, "I am standing firm in faith, and know my God can do abundantly above anything I could ever think or imagine.  Please stand with me in agreement that this bleeding will stop and that the child will grow and develop normally until time of delivery."

Today, February 6, we received a wonderful praise report from Jenny!  The bleeding and pain, which lasted about a week, has all stopped.  A scan was taken five days ago which showed that the baby has a very healthy heartbeat and has grown!  Jenny and Helen are excited about God's intervention and send thanks to all who prayed.  

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From Justin, Crestview, Florida, 

Submitted 3/27/2002

Justin's testimony begins as an abandoned infant addicted at birth to cocaine and other drugs.  When his adoptive mother-to-be discovered him, he was a helpless infant, hospitalized, and in I.C.U. on life support systems.  He had no active brain cells, both lungs had failed, and his heart was only pumping with the help of a catheter.  He was on full oxygen and had needles and tubes in every limb.

Doctors were ready to remove life-support systems and allow Justin to die when he was adopted by a praying mother named Mary.  All her friends thought it was a crazy move as Justin had no hope of ever being anything more than a vegetable.  However, Mary knew that God had moved her to adopt Justin and that there was a divinely ordained purpose for his life.  Her faith made her resolute to keep him on life support when doctors advised her to let him go.  When they saw she was determined to keep him alive and that she fully expected him to recover so she could take him home, they advised that she would never be able to afford the medical bills to keep him going.  

Undaunted, Mary called her pastor to come and pray for Justin.  She also started a prayer chain and sought legal counsel for adoption proceedings.  The attorney laughed at her and showed her the door.  

Returning home from the lawyer's office, Mary prayed, "Lord, did I miss something or what?  I've done all I can, and if this is your will you will have to move."  The Lord said to her that she was to contact Robison R. Harrell.  Having never heard this name, she and her daughter looked it up in the yellow pages.  It turned out to be the name of a lawyer who owned an adoption center in Shalamar, Florida!

Mary called Mr. Harrell for an appointment.  When she arrived, she briefly told him what she wanted.  Mr. Harrell replied, "I know why you are here.  The Lord told me this morning you were coming and that I was to help place this child with you."

Robison Harrell is a Spirit-filled Christian who had resolute faith for healing.  When Mary told him of Justin's condition, Mr. Harrell simply prayed for healing and started the paperwork!  Upon returning to the hospital, Mary found that Justin had already shown such improvement that the tube to his throat was removed.  As his condition improved daily, tubes and needles were removed progressively, and his oxygen levels were dropped.  Within three weeks, only the NG tube for feeding him remained.   

When the time came for discharging Justin from the hospital, Mary was waiting for the discharge papers and instructions on how to use the feeding tube when the Lord told her to put a pacifier in Justin's mouth.  She knew he had no sucking reflexes, but she obeyed the Lord.  He immediately began sucking on the pacifier like he was starving!  She called for the nurses, and they removed the last tube and gave him his first bottle.

Justin is now seven years old.  At the age of five he attended a field day where he participated in races with other kids, even clearing hurdles.  He says, "Thanks to praying people and my Lord Jesus, I won three blue ribbons for first place and one last place (my shoe fell off)."  

With the help of his mother, Justin has a website for kids who need prayer.  He, his mom, and his Sunday school class pray regularly over the needs of other children as they come in.  He says, "I want kids like me to know that Jesus loves them, and there is a place they can come for prayer."

(Visit Justin's website at  Not only can you read his story there in his own words, but you will see pictures of him now and a picture of him when he was in the hospital as an infant in I.C.U.  If you know of other children and infants who need a touch of God for healing, let their families know about this website.  To God be the glory for his marvelous healing grace!)

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From Karen, Greensboro, Georgia,

Submitted 12/29/2011

My husband had a drug addiction to cocaine. It took almost two years of prayer and intercession to obtain his deliverance.  The conventional methods of man failed to help him in his drug addiction, but Jesus Christ is faithful to His Word!  God came to him in his deepest darkest moments and delivered him instantly through the power of prayer and the blood of Jesus. 

My own marriage has been restored as a result of my husband's breakthrough.  We had divorced and remarried three years ago and we are serving Jesus today!  Praise GOD for his unconditional love for His children. He is truly faithful to His children, and it is my prayer that everyone I talk to truly understands the power in prayer! PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!

So many people think they know Jesus, but they really only know religion. When people are filled with the Holy Spirit and allows the gifts of God to work in them, they discover first hand that there is nothing more satisfying and exciting than serving in the Kingdom of GOD!


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From Mark, Virginia Beach, Virginia,

Submitted 12/23/2001

One of my first experiences of prayer as partnership with God came when I worked at the Christian Broadcasting Network.  During a staff chapel on a Thursday, I received a vision of what appeared to be skin tissue with blotches spread over it like dark syrup.  When I asked the Lord what it was, the word "lung" came to mind.  I sensed that God was telling me He wanted to heal someone with a lung condition that caused discoloration of the lung.  I prayed silently, "God, if this is you, please reveal this to someone else.  If they speak it out, I'll confirm it."

About fifteen seconds later, a gentleman named Roger Bisson, who was on the opposite side of the chapel, said, "Someone here is praying about a lung condition.  There are spots on the lung and God is healing it."  Before I could speak, another gentleman named Mike Taylor said, "I was just praying for a friend named Louise Baker who was recently diagnosed with a spot on the lung."  Then, I chimed in, "Wow!  Before either of you brothers spoke, I saw a vision of delicate skin tissue with splotches like dark syrup.  The Lord said it was a lung.  I told Him if He would give this word to someone else, I would confirm it.  So, I stand with you in believing for Louise's healing."

The following Monday, I saw Mike Taylor and asked if he had heard from Louise.  He said, "Yes, she tried to call me Thursday but could not get through to me because we were in chapel.  So, she called my wife at home to tell her that she had suddenly felt all the pain go out of her lung and was breathing deeply with no discomfort."  Clearly, God had guided us in partnering with Him through intercessory prayer so that He could answer that prayer and heal Louise. 

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From Mark, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 

Submitted 1/17/2002

Nearly a week ago at this writing, I started noticing some sensitivity around an upper wisdom tooth.  I wasn't concerned at first because that tooth grew in a bit crooked (as wisdom teeth often do) and does feel a little sensitive once in a great while.  The next day, I noticed when eating that the tooth directly in front of it had that numb, achy feeling that usually happens when the nerves in a tooth are dying.  I've only had this feeling with a tooth once before, and when the dentist x-rayed it and tapped on it, he determined that I needed a root canal.  On that occasion, I did get a root canal.

Rather than running to the dentist this time, I decided to pray about it and send a prayer request out to the intercessors' circle.  I did that just before bed.  To be honest, I felt that my prayers were a little lame as I hadn't had any personal physical challenges for a while and had focused my prayers on other things.

The next morning. I noticed normal feeling around that tooth and no unusual feelings when eating on it.  That has been nearly a week at this writing, and there has been no recurrence of symptoms.  I give God the glory and thank our prayer partners for praying.  

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From Mark, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 

Submitted 12/5/2002

I vividly remember a personal experience of powerful prayer that occurred when I was in the fifth grade.  I woke up one morning with abdominal cramps.  I had experienced them before on several occasions and feared that it might be appendicitis.  But, the cramps and pains always went away within a few minutes.  So I comforted myself on this occasion with the thought that these symptoms would let up this time as well.  Only, they didnt.

Pushing the fear to the back of my mind, I went to school only to find myself getting progressively worse.  By the end of first period class, I took my few books in hand and made my way to my next class.  By the time I made two bends in the hallway and entered the classroom, I was so weakened that my mind was racing with fear.  Instinctively, I dropped my books off and made my way to the bathroom where I stood against the wall with both hands over my stomach.  I was beginning to double over from the pain, and chills set in.  Reflecting on my brothers bout with appendicitis and surgery a year earlier, my eleven-year-old mind became frantic with fear.

I made my way back to class to get my books and ask permission to go to the clinic.  Second period was recess, and there were only a couple of students left in class.  I went to pick up my books and found that I was so weakened that I couldnt lift them.  So, I asked a fellow student if he could help me get to the clinic, and he obliged.

I scuttled my way to the clinic as I could not lift my feet.  The nurse was out, the beds were empty, and my companion dropped off my books and left so as not to miss recess.  Making my way over to one of the beds, I spent a good two minutes trying to get in a lying down position on the bed.  If I laid my head on the pillow, my knees were up in the air.  If I flattened my legs, my head was up in the air.  The pains, chilling, and cramping just wouldnt let up, and my mind was racing.

I began to pray frantically, "God, youve got to help me!  Please, God!  Do something!  Youve got to do something!  Please, help me!"  Meantime, my imagination was picturing the revolving lights of an ambulance coming to get me and fearing it would not make it in time if the nurse didnt show up soon.

Suddenly, I heard the Lord speak to me in my thoughts.  I dont remember His exact words, but it went something like this:  "If you believe Im here to help you, why are you so troubled?"  Instantly, all fear left though the symptoms remained the same.  I said out loud, "Thats right, Lord. If I believed you were hearing my prayer, I wouldnt be acting like this.  Okay, God.  You said, "What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them."  (See Mark 11:24.)  Now I desire that You touch my stomach and heal me.  Im asking You to heal me.  I believe I receive it, and I know I have it!

At the instant that I finished saying these words, I suddenly saw in my mind's eye a cloudy sky and noticed that the clouds dissipated at once to reveal a perfectly clear sky.  I had the sensation that my vision had been clouded over but that I could now see all the way through to a clear sky.  At that moment, two things happened back to back quicker than it takes to tell about it.  First, I felt as though God gave me an injection of faith.  All doubt vanished, and I positively knew that I was healed.  Second, upon receiving that assurance of faith, my body flattened out on the bed as though someone had lifted a barbell from across my waist.  All symptoms vanished.  I stood to my feet pressing against my stomach to see if I could find the slightest sign of pain.  There was none.

I had no medical diagnosis, so I can't say positively what my condition was.  However, I continue to believe that I was in the midst of an acute appendicitis attack.  I believe that if God had not spoken to me, calmed my fears, released faith into my heart, and intervened to heal me, I would not be here to tell about it.  I praise the Lord for his great love, his compassion, and his healing grace and power.

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From Melissa, Atlanta, Georgia, 

Submitted 4/5/2002

Melissa submitted a prayer request on March 22, 2002 for her friend Derreck.  He had been without work for 11 months and was feeling very worn down by his fruitless job hunt.  At that time, he was on a trip from Atlanta to Chicago in search of work as he seemed to be having no success near home.

I responded to Melissa's original e-mail letting her know that our prayer partners were expecting answer to prayer.  I asked that she let us know when the job should come through for Derreck so that we could share the testimony to encourage those who were praying.

God faithfully answered our prayers, and Melissa e-mailed back on April 5 to let us know that Derreck had gotten a job in record time working as a marketing representative with a new transportation charter company.  He said that the work environment is very positive, he is very happy with the job, and the compensation is very good!

Melissa wishes to thank everyone who prayed for Derreck.  We give praise to the Lord for His quick answer and excellent provision. 

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From Robbie, Detroit, Michigan,

Submitted 02/07/2003

In August of 2002, Robbie visited her 80-year-old aunt Laurine in Cleveland, Ohio.  Her daughter Sophia accompanied her on the trip.  It was to be a visit to be remembered on which God would show them His power by using a unique miracle to bring about Laurine's salvation.

Four months before their visit, Laurine had two strokes and was unable to speak.  While visiting, Robbie and Sophia prayed for Laurine's healing.  Afterwards, Sophia stepped out onto the porch while Robbie stayed by her aunt's side coaching her along in an effort to help her say "Jesus."  After a few minutes, Robbie called her daughter back inside to help her.  

Sophia began to pray for Laurine, asking the Lord to release her tongue to speak.  Robbie states, "We were overjoyed when the Lord loosened her tongue!"  Sophia led Laurine in the sinner's prayer:  "Father, in the name of Jesus, come into my heart, forgive me of my sins, cleanse me with your blood."  Laurine repeated every word!

Robbie says that as far as she is aware, this is the last time that Laurine has spoken.  It was truly a miracle of loosening her tongue to free her spirit.  But that's not all.  One of Laurine's daughters was present at the time and heard her mother pray the sinner's prayer.  Robbie says, "It really made a believer out of her."  Praise the Lord!

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From Robert, Hockley, Texas,

Submitted 11/05/2002

Robert is a man who is always excited to share his testimony of what God has done in his life.  If you met him today, you would never know that he was formerly crippled, consigned to a wheelchair, and had no medical prospect of ever walking again.  However, he learned the power of God's Word to heal and how to properly appropriate that Word to receive his healing.  Now, his passion is to help others see that God is no respecter of persons; He is a respecter of faith.  What God has done for Robert, He will do for you.

On September 17, 1982, Robert was at the grocery store in Los Angeles, California where he was the night manager.  As he was closing the store at 8:00 p.m., a cashier came over to him to get a check approval for an order she was processing.  Before he could sign approval, she pointed out that the photo did not match the customer as the photo was a Caucasian of about 50 years old whereas the customer was an African American male of around 35 or 40.  Robert asked her to send the customer over to speak with him.

When Robert explained that he could not cash the check, the customer, who was intoxicated, become angry an argumentative.  When Robert insisted he leave the store, he reluctantly complied and was followed out by the security guard.  Once outside the store, the man went from arguing to wresting the guard.  Robert went out and helped the guard hold him down and apply handcuffs.  Going back into the store, he called the police.  While doing so, the man managed to get free of the cuffs, attacked the security guard, and took his pistol.  Robert ran out of the store, and a debacle began that resulted in Robert being shot once in a flurry of gunshots.  Finally, Robert was able to apprehend the pistol and shoot the man in order to immobilize him until the police arrived. 

Robert was shot  with a .38 caliber bullet which fragmented his spine.  The bullet struck his left thigh, ripped through his femoral artery and nerve, hit the femur bone, and exploded into his spine.  The spine instantly fragmented under the impact.  

After x-rays of the leg, hip, and spine, the doctor told Robert he would never walk again.  Robert saw the x-rays and said he observed bone fragments floating around in his back in some sort of fluid.  He was referred to a neurologist and an internist.  He was also referred to a psychiatrist to help him mentally cope with the challenges of a new life as a crippled.

In the aftermath of the shooting, Robert lost a lot of weight.  His legs atrophied, becoming thin and lifeless.  He was confined to a wheelchair.  Unable to take care of himself, he was moved out of his apartment to live with his parents.  He says it was very humbling to depend on his parents to take him to the restroom and help him get dressed.  

From 1978, Robert had attended Crenshaw Christian Center, pastored by Fred Price.  Under the influence of this ministry, he had learned about biblical principles of faith.  In 1983, the year after the injury, he was sitting in a wheelchair in his parents' home watching Pastor Price on television.  Price stopped, pointed at the camera, and said, "If I really believed God's Word, then I would get up out of the wheelchair and walk."  Robert's initial impulse was anger.  He thought, "How dare him!   What does he know?  He can walk!  He can say those things!"  

Robert says he endured the rest of Pastor Price's message by consoling himself with the thought that the more understanding and loving Kenneth Copeland would come on next.  But, when Kenneth Copeland came to the teaching segment of his program, he said the same thing!   Robert says, "I got the message big time.  God wanted me to believe His Word so that He could do something about my situation.  So, I prayed the prayer of faith.  No begging or whimpering.  I knew that God wanted to heal me, but that power block was not God -- it was me."

Robert says his prayer went something like this:

Father! Your Word says that Jesus not only died for my salvation, but for my healing. You Word declares that by His stripes, by his wounds, I am healed! Not going to be, not maybe, not if its Your will, but I am! It is Your will to heal me; otherwise You would not have gone through all that stuff with Jesus. Father, I receive Your healing power, and from this second on, I believe that I receive my healing from paralysis.

After praying this prayer, Robert pushed himself up from the wheelchair, dangled his legs to the floor, and let go of the chair.  Wham!  He hit the floor.  He got back into the chair, waited a few moments, and then tried again.  Once again, he was not able to stand.  He says the devil was talking to him:  "That stuff doesn't work.  There is no God.  You're going to kill yourself.  Accept your fate.  God doesn't heal today.  You're not special."  In his emotions, Robert just wanted to scream.  But, he understood that God is not moved by our feelings but by our faith.  

Shaking and fighting fear all the way, Robert pushed himself into an upright position again, dangled his tiny legs in front of him, and leg go of the chair.  He says he shoved the chair back so that he could not use it as a "safety valve" in case his faith didn't work.  His legs held!!

Robert says that as time has passed, he has become stronger and stronger.  If you met him today, he says, you would never know he had been confined to a wheelchair.  Praise the Lord!

Robert's passion is to help people who are suffering understand that God does not love him more than God loves them.  Why did God move on his behalf when many others remain in wheelchairs?  Only because he learned what God's Word teaches regarding principles of faith and healing, and he acted on it.  God always watches over His Word to perform it.  

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From Robert "Bob," Manvel, Texas,

Submitted 11/28/2001

The first experience Bob had in intercession came when he heard an audible voice from God telling him to pray for Carol.  Bob had worked with Carol previously but did not have ongoing contact with her at that time.  Bob did not understand at first that God speaks through such words of knowledge to His people to guide them in prayer, so he thought it was the devil!  But, he faithfully prayed for Carol anyway.  Two weeks later, he learned that Carol was in the hospital in Houston with a brain hemorrhage.  She survived.  Bob says, "God is so awesome and wonderful.  I can't praise or worship Him enough."

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From Benetta, Newport News, Virginia,

Submitted 07/25/2013

I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is my Savior and head of my life. That being said, I have never been a believer in divine healing. I believe my skepticism comes from watching so many "instant healings" on television.   

Though I WAS a skeptic, I have come to believe in divine healing as a result of personal experience.  In the summer of 2013, I took a course at Bethel College in Hampton, Virginia called MIN 310: "The Ministry of Prayer."  It was taught by adjunct instructor Mark Copeland.  Mark occasionally would finish the instructional part of the class a few minutes early to make room for prayer requests and prayer time.  About two week prior to one of these in-class prayer sessions, I had injured my knee.  I decided to ask for prayer, though I didn't really have faith that it would work. Mark led the class in praying for me, along with other requests.  Mark then stated that someone in the class had a pain in the shoulder blade. I looked around and no one responded. Then I remembered that I have a recurring pain in my shoulder blade, though it wasn't bothering me at the time. I raised my hand and this time Mark laid his hand on the area and prayed. Class dismissed and I didn't think about it for a while. 

As I was driving home and turning the wheel to my car, I realized that the movement that usually causes pain wasn't bothering me. I was at a red light raising me arm over my head, then from left to right and in circular motions. There was no pain! I still do not have pain in that shoulder blade at this writing, which is several weeks after this time of prayer. God is so good!

As far as my knee is concerned, I have not used the cane and I took the knee brace off. There is no pain and the knee doesn't crack like it did before.  It doesn't feel like it is out of place, and the area that has had swelling for the last two years has gone down.  My knees look alike again! I still wear the brace on occasion when I am doing a lot of walking just in case. However the pain is gone. 

I never would have believed in healing, and I thought that I could not be healed if I didn't believe. Obviously, my brother in Christ had enough faith for both of us.  My God never ceases to amaze me, and this is another reason to be a better Christian. 

I thank God for brother Copeland, and I thank him for being obedient.

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