Prophetic Direction:
Minneapolis, Minnesota




Prophetic Words and Confirmations:

Planting a Church in the Twin Cities


JESUS SAID OF THE HOLY SPIRIT that He will "show you things to come."  (See John 16:13.)  It is characteristic of Jesus' teachings about the Holy Spirit that He would make His dwelling within the believer and would provide personal direction.  (See John 14:16-17.)  However, it is also clear from Scripture that the Holy Spirit can direct believers through a prophetic word given through others.  (See Acts 13:2.)  An important insight into spiritual guidance is that the believer is not to depend upon "personal prophecy" for direction.  Rather, prophetic words to an individual are only meant to confirm the direction which the Holy Spirit has already given that individual.  The Bible says, "In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established."  (See 2 Corinthians 13:1.)

Making the Twin Cities Connection

Over the past several years beginning in 1996, I've received clear direction from the Lord that He plans to use me to pioneer a church in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota.  God has spoken some of these words to me personally while some have come through other believers.  I sense the Lord would have me to share these words on this website for two reasons:

  1. Minneapolis was the birthplace of Mission America, a coalition of churches and ministries committed to establishing Lighthouses of Prayer across America as a means of prayer evangelism.  The Lord has made it clear to me that prayer is to be the central focus of my ministry, and this website is an important component of that ministry.  I suspect there might be some connection in the Spirit between the seeds that were sown in Minneapolis when Mission America was established there in 1990 and my personal calling to establish a ministry base there.

  2. I'm still prayerfully awaiting God's timing to make the move from Virginia Beach to Minneapolis and to begin the church plant that He has spoken about.  I sense that sharing these prophetic words and confirmations online will be a means of connecting with other believers in the Twin Cities area to whom God has spoken along the same lines.  If you live in the Twin Cities area and resonate with what you read here, please email me using the link at the end of this page.  It will provide further confirmation as well as helpful connections for me to hear from you.

Prophetic Hints, Directives, and Confirmations

The following is a listing of what I might call hints, prophetic dreams, prophetic words, and confirmations of God's direction that my ministry base is eventually to be out of Minneapolis.  There have been many others, but this list provides a few of the more convincing ones as well as a couple on the lighter side for good humor.  I begin with an "incidental connection" from 1993 which I realized years later tied in with the prophetic words about Minneapolis.

In May of 1993, Bridge-Logos Publishing, Inc. asked me to do media interviews to promote my book After This Manner, Pray.  I agreed on the condition that they would arrange the interviews. They arranged only two and with the same program -- "Evening Forum" with Chris Kline, a radio program that originated out of Minneapolis.  (Ms. Kline scheduled the first of these two programs for May 6 not realizing that this was the National Day of Prayer.)

IN EARLY 1996, a friend named Debbie Dezielski called me from West Virginia to relate a dream she had about me the previous night.  She dreamed that I started a ministry in the Midwest.  First, she thought the location was Chicago, but then she noticed landmarks that clearly identified the area as Minneapolis -- Saint Paul.  She saw that I was sending out mailings of books and tapes from a ministry base in that area.  The Lord also showed her that the ministry would be known for healing and deliverance and that people would come from other parts of the country to receive ministry.

In the Fall of 1996, I was attending a personal prophecy service at a Foursquare Church in Chesapeake, Virginia.  One of the ministry team members who knew me, Robert Ashley, pointed me out and asked me to stand.  He stated the the Lord would send me to the Midwest region of the United States to start a church that would be known for healing and deliverance ministry.  He also commented that people would come from great distances to receive God's healing and deliverance.

In the Summer of 1997 at the end of a four-day fast, the Lord impressed upon me during a Sunday morning service that I was to get my ministerial credentials with an organization called the Association of Evangelical and Charismatic Ministries.   All I knew of this ministry is that my boss at that time had his credentials with them.  I did not know where they were located.  The next morning at work, I looked them up on a ministry database to find that they are located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, which I've learned is about a half hour drive from Minneapolis.

Later in the Summer of 1997, the Lord impressed upon me during a time of prayer that he would open doors for my "Revitaling Your Prayer Life" seminar in four cities -- New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, and Kansas City.  I sent mailings to twenty-five churches evenly distributed over these cities and heard back from only one pastor -- David Meyer, a pastor in Minneapolis.

In the Fall of 1997, I was talking on the phone with Pastor Noah Barefoot of the Robinsonville Pentecostal Holiness Church in Robisonville, North Carolina.  I shared with him about the four cities that God had mentioned in connection with the prayer seminar.  Pastor Barefoot responded that he had a confirmation for me on one of those cities.  He told of a man who came into his office and began to share a story about Minneapolis which God used to give pastor Barefoot a burden for a church plant in Minneapolis.  Pastor Barefoot said he would go himself to start a church there but God had him assigned to his church in North Carolina.  He said that if the Lord should ever lead me to start a church in Minneapolis, he would be inclined to have his church provide some financial support for the work.  (Pastor Barefoot knew from a previous conversation that I formerly pioneered and pastored a church in Suffolk, Virginia and that I planned to pastor again.  However, I had not mentioned to him anything about a prophetic leading to start a church in Minneapolis.)

In August of 1998, the Customer Service team I worked with at the time decorated my cubicle for my birthday.  The Lord impressed upon me as I was working to pull down the helium-filled balloon and to see where it was manufactured.  I had a sneaky suspicion that it was going to be Minneapolis, and I was right!

In the Winter of 1998-1999, I was sharing with a fellow worker over lunch of how God had been speaking about Minneapolis.  When I returned to my desk, I had a message from a card member who wanted me to call her back to process a balance transfer on her credit card account. She left her office number in Minneapolis. This was the only message waiting for me when I returned from lunch.

In June of '99, a couple of days before leaving for the AECM Annual Assembly, I was sharing with a friend over the phone about all the words and confirmations God has provided on Minneapolis.  The next morning, my apartment mate's wife pulled a book from my bookshelf by Charles and Frances Hunter titled I Don't Follow Signs and Wonders: They Follow Me.  She opened to Chapter Six titled "Let's Go Have A Healing Explosion."  The first line read: "How about Minneapolis?"

In August of 2002 (skipping a few years), I had an appointment with a local pastor whom I knew to have a heart for church planting.  Among other things, I shared with him the words about the church plant in Minneapolis.  He took interest in some of the things we talked about but gave me no words of encouragement concerning this direction.  When I left his office, I felt somewhat heavy-hearted by this.  I went home, turned on my computer, checked my email, and had the first ever prayer request through this website from Saint Paul, Minnesota.  This was to me a renewed confirmation regarding the Lord's words concerning the Twin Cities.

IN JULY OF 2003, while working on my current job in a call center for a credit card company in Virginia, I noticed one afternoon that I received three calls from customers living in Minnesota.  On my dinner break, I checked my personal email.  I received a message from a friend named Laurie apologizing for not following an inward leading to invite me to her church the previous Sunday.  She did not know beforehand that a pastor and his wife would be visiting from Minnesota.  In my response, I advised her of the three calls I had received earlier in my shift from Minnesota, one of which was from Eden Prairie.  When I got back to work, my first call was from a customer wanting to process an address change as he was  moving from Virginia to Minnesota.  I take this as confirmation that the Lord is saying the time is near at hand for me to be planning my move from my home in Virginia Beach to the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area. 

Your Chance to Talk Back

I believe the Lord has impressed upon me to add this page to the Advocates In Prayer website to give other intercessors an opportunity to stand with me in prayer for God's open door for this church plant and ministry base in Minneapolis.  More than that, I believe God is also speaking to many believers in the Twin Cities about this same ministry He desires to birth.  Now is the time to talk to each other about what God has placed in our hearts and partner together with God in the establishment of a work that is much larger than ourselves because it is a God thing.

If you are a believer living in the Twin Cities and wish to respond to what you have read here, or if you are an intercessor anywhere to whom God has spoken about the Twin Cities region, please feel free to email me at


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